The Pros and Cons of Working With an Agent

When it comes to buying or selling a house, taking on an agent can be a major decision. In some cases, an agent may make the entire process easier for you, but in other situations, using an agent may not be cost practical. Below is a list of pros and cons to carefully consider when […]

5 Upside Down Mortgage Solutions

An upside down mortgage can cause great financial and emotional stress to any homeowner. It happens when you owe more on your home than it is worth and in the long term, it looks like you’ll have a very hard time coming out on top. Don’t lose hope. There are specific things you can do […]

What is HAFA?

When homeowners realize they cannot keep up with their mortgage payments, and loan modification is not an option, there are still ways to avoid foreclosure. Thanks to the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program (HAFA), homeowners can work with their banks on other ways out of the property. One popular way to avoid foreclosure is through […]
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