What Can a Short Sale Do to Your Credit?

While the real estate market is rebounding from the worst housing crisis to hit the United States since the Great Depression, hitting homeowners the hardest from 2007 to 2009, many people are still struggling to stay afloat financially and pay their mortgages. As unfortunate as it is, short sales continue to account for a larger-than- […]

Can a Related Party Purchase my Property via Short Sale?

Short sales are transactions in which proceeds from the sale amount to less than the balance owed on the property. Though short sales can be a fiscally smart and a radically less agonizing option when facing foreclosure, it is not possible to have a related party purchase your property in a short sale. These transactions […]

Buying a Home After a Foreclosure vs. After a Short Sale

Although reports show that the economy is slowly climbing its way back up, there is still no shortage of homeowners facing foreclosure and short sale. This is a very troubling time, especially if you bought your home thinking that you would be able to refinance it, if you ever found yourself in a financial emergency. […]
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