What is Non-Jury Trial in a Florida Foreclosure?

On March 22, 2013 Administrative Order 3.312 became effective. This order states that any cases filed more than three years ago were being set for mass trials. The purpose of this is to help move cases along and reduce foreclosure backlogs. However, it can also flood the market with foreclosure sales. A non-jury trial in […]

What is an Order Strike Notice for Trial?

When you receive an order strike notice for trial, it means that the trial that was scheduled has been postponed. This usually occurs when one of the parties involved in the court action files a motion to get the trail date re-scheduled or delayed for some reason. It’s an order that is common in foreclosure […]

Is it Possible to Save a House That is in Foreclosure if You’re Separated, Soon to Divorce and the Loan is Not in Your Name?

Divorce is hard enough, but now and again unpleasant circumstances become even more complicated. This is frequently the case with foreclosure, which these days is often an uninvited guest during divorce proceedings. But if you’re in the middle of a divorce and facing the prospect of foreclosure, don’t panic! The good news is you’re not […]