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Need to Evict a Residential Tenant for Non-Payment?

We prepare and file all paperwork
We provide the clerk-issued summons to a process server or the sheriff
We file the affidavit of service, and, if the case remains uncontested
We prepare and file motions for default and for final judgment
We prepare a cover letter and proposed order and furnish the same to the court

Tampa Residential Tenant Eviction Specialist, Stephen K. Hachey, Will File an Eviction Lawsuit for a Flat Attorney Fee of Only $395!!

Tampa Residential Tenant Eviction Services

The Law Offices of Stephen K. Hachey, P.A. will file an eviction lawsuit for flat attorney fees of $395, non-inclusive of the additional court filing & summons costs outlined below: If you choose to sue for back-rent or damage to the premises, please contact us to discuss fees and costs. If this becomes a contested eviction process, applicable attorney fees and other costs will apply.
**Court filing, process server & summons fees listed above are for Hillsborough County only. Costs may vary by county.**

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    Don't Go Another Day Without Collecting Your Rent $$$!!

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    A Writ of Possession may be necessary if your Tenant refuses to leave the property after the Court issues a final judgment in your favor. The Sheriff’s fee for a writ of possession is $90 for the first defendant and $40 for each additional defendant.


    Our office will provide you with a free template of the 3-day notice, which you are welcome to use and post yourself. If you would like our office to complete the 3-day notice for you and have a process server post it, our office charges $100 when purchased with your eviction. A Notice to Cure Breach of Lease and a Notice of Non-Renewal can be drafted and posted for you starting at $150, including the posting fee.

    Don't Go Another Day Without Collecting Your Rent $$$!!

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    Client Testimonials:

    I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Hachey tonight about a rental issue. I found his website while googling. He was very prompt to respond, helpful, and knowledgeable. He took the time to make sure all my questions were answered and provided me with some good advise. I'm very happy and would recommend him to anyone even if they are just seeking advise on a matter. Thanks so much Mr. Hachey!

    - Gloria Rodriguez

    Mr. Hachey was very prompt in his response regarding our real estate nightmare. He provided insight at no cost and he explained things thoroughly. We are so thankful for his time and insight. I would certainly recommend Mr. Hachey to my loved ones for their legal, real estate needs. As we were weighing out our home options, Mr. Hachey also met with us in the community to look at other home options. He is surely a one stop shop when it comes to real estate!

    - Ashley J

    Stephen was very helpful and knowledgeable about my specific situation and was able to assist in finding a preferable resolution. He was easy to get in touch with when necessary and responded quickly to emails and calls. Would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a real estate attorney.

    - Katie Coleman

    My husband and I used attorney Stephen Hachey for our real estate needs. He was very helpful, trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional and was always there to answer our questions. His staff is also very nice, knowledgeable and helpful. I refer clients to him all the time and they are were 100% satisfied. Thank you for helping us and to everyone you help. I highly recommend Stephen.

    - Laura Rivera