Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Stephen K. Hachey, P.A. offers unparalleled service and expertise in the following areas:

Foreclosure Defense

This procedure utilizes legal strategies and tactics to protect your rights as a homeowner by forcing the bank to prove its foreclosure case.  It also provides homeowners time to assess alternatives such as Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Deed in Lieus, or Bankruptcy. Learn more about Foreclosure Defense.

Short Sales

This procedure may allow you to sell your house for an amount that will not cover your loan (the sale price falls “short” of the amount you owe the lender). Learn more about Short Sales.

Deeds in Lieu

A Deed in Lieu may allow you to transfer the property voluntarily to the lender in which the debt and deficiency is forgiven. Learn more about Deed in Lieu.

Loan Modifications

This procedure may allow you to enter into an affordable loan with an interest rate reduction. Learn more about Loan Modifications.

Title Insurance & Closing Services

Did you know: as a buyer or seller, having a lawyer involved in your closing and acting as your title insurance agent is no more costly than using the average title insurance company? Learn more about Title Insurance & Closing Services.

Collections Law

Through our services, we can collect debt on unpaid loans, debts for goods sold and breaches of contract as well as a variety of difficult debt situations.Learn more about Collections Law.

Business Law

Our office also offers a host of business law services such as business formation, contract disputes, and consumer law. Learn more about Business Law.

Civil Mediation

You can save significant amounts of time, money and stress by using civil mediation to resolve disputes involving business, contracts, employment, personal injury, construction, real estate and more.  Studies have shown that civil mediation produces very similar outcomes to the outcomes of a trial. Learn more about Civil Mediation.

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