5 Upside Down Mortgage Solutions

An upside down mortgage can cause great financial and emotional stress to any homeowner. It happens when you owe more on your home than it is worth and in the long term, it looks like you’ll have a very hard time coming out on top. Don’t lose hope. There are specific things you can do […]

What is HAMP?

The Home Affordable Modification Program, affectionately called HAMP, is a federal program passed in 2009 to help homeowners stay in their homes. This program was enacted in order to stem the alarming rate of foreclosures in the nation. With house values falling below what most people owe on their mortgages, getting refinanced and keeping up […]

Are Loan Modifications Working?

In short, no, but like so much of life, it’s not that simple. The reasons why attaining a loan modification is a bad idea for struggling homeowners are tied into the banks and mortgage companies willingness to work with customers, the potential for fraud and our own psychological tendencies. To explain, let’s examine the definition […]
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