Can you Obtain an FHA Loan if Your Mortgage was Discharged in a Chapter 7 Over 2 Years Ago, but the Property is Still Titled in Your Name?

Though filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can improve an individual’s creditworthiness and even allow them to outright keep ownership of certain exempt property, it is not often a cure for upside down debt on a home. Generally, borrowers must endure a minimum “seasoning” period before lenders are willing to strike a deal on a new loan. For FHA […]

If You are Renting a Home while in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Can You Get it Out of your Name if the Bank has not Foreclosed Yet?

Even if you’ve filed bankruptcy and moved out of your home, your name remains on the property title. Moreover, mortgage liens are generally not discharged in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, you will remain the owner of record until your lender forecloses or you take the necessary steps to remove yourself from the title. A deed in lieu […]
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