I Received a Flyer in the Mail or a Telephone Call From a Company That Sounded like it Was Affiliated With the Government. What Should I do?

There are many companies out there just looking for ways to scam you to gain control of your finances and your identity. And more specifically, debt and mortgage scams. The national foreclosure rate is at an all time high of 8% of all mortgages, and there are upwards of 6,000 filings for home foreclosures every […]

I Negotiated a Loan Modification With a Company in California and Paid an Up-Front Fee for Its Service. I Was Reading About the Companies in Florida That are Being Sued For Charging These Fees. Does the Law Only Apply to Florida Companies?

Certain laws and regulations can get buried, forgotten and overlooked in the midst of financial crisis and/or management. Most people are unfamiliar with certain real estate laws until their finances or their property is in jeopardy. Here’s what you need to know about up-front fees for loan modifications in Florida. Under Florida law, beginning in […]

How to Avoid Real Estate Scams

No one wants to find themselves in this kind of situation: the victim of fraud, theft, manipulation. But unfortunately scammers are out there, and able to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Real estate scammers are among the biggest problem in today’s market. Let’s take a look at some of the scams you may have paid […]
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