Do I Need to Defend a Foreclosure While Pursuing a Loan Modification in FL?

With the federal government encouraging loan modification for borrowers who might be upside down on their mortgages or defaulting towards foreclosure, many lenders are caught wondering whether they should foreclose, modify or both. Before the lawsuit settlement between 49 states and the five largest mortgage lenders, banks would routinely pursue foreclosure while at the same […]

Deficiency Claims in Florida

A deficiency claim can be made by a mortgage lender against a borrower when there is a foreclosure and the amount owed on the property, including attorney’s fees and court costs, is more than the amount of money that the property is worth. Deficiency claims in Florida were once rare, but with the value of […]

What are the Necessary Steps for Eviction in Florida?

In Florida, landlords need to follow two different paths to eviction, depending on whether the termination of the lease is due to a nonpayment of rent or some other lease violation. When a landlord decides to evict for nonpayment of rent, a 3-day notice is required to the tenants before eviction proceedings can begin. When […]
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